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Thank you for supporting Alpha Sigma Phi! We appreciate your generosity—now let’s amplify your impact by challenging those in your network. There are several ways you can help share the importance of giving.

Invite your brothers and friends to participate in the 2021 Founders Day Challenge! Just punch in their name, along with an email address or mobile phone number —we'll take it from there. You can opt in to be CC'ed on Challenge Emails, and we'll even notify you when a challenge is accepted, if you'd like!

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How It Works

Six divisions make up this year’s Founders Day Challenge. There will be two winners per division; the chapter who raises the most funds and the chapter who accumulates the most points. Last year, analytics showed chapters who sent the most challenges were the most successful.

$1,000 will go to chapter with most donors and most dollars per division. $500 will go to second place in each division for donors and dollars.

  • Provisional (non-chartered groups)
  • Silence (1-149 total initiated members)
  • Charity (150-299 total initiated members)
  • Purity (300-449 total initiated members)
  • Honor (450-799 total initiated members)
  • Patriotism (800+ total initiated members)
Blake Robinson  $20.21 Jeff Wagner  $500.00 Bruce Bartoo Brian O'Kane  $257.80 Yung Kim  $200.00 Jason Setsuda  $1,500.00 Ron Maus  $500.00 Anthony Kossiakoff  $515.30 Bernard Schulz  $500.00 Lawrence Hunt  $103.30 Jed Cooper Kerry Eversole  $103.30 David Preissman Gordon Beeman  $100.00 Christian Sirney  $515.30 MARK GATHMAN Samuel Locke  $500.00 Janine Grossman  $500.00 JON CRUMPTON  $1,030.30 Gordon Muir
Matching Gifts Opportunities to Multiply Your Impact

Make a gift towards one of the chapters listed below and multiply your impact! If you would like to offer a matching gift for your chapter, please contact Matt Humberger via email at

Foundation Board Teams Working toward fundraising goals

Led by one of our Foundation Board members, each team below includes a member of the CLVEN Board, Grand Council and the Board of Advisors. These men have seen first-hand the impact Alpha Sig has on our undergraduate members; help them meet their goals by selecting the team in the drop-down menu when you make a gift to our Founders Day Challenge today!

Alpha Sig Raiders

Team 1845

Team Better Man

Team Bourbon Bros

Team BringTheChange

Team Buss

Team Causa Latet

Team Davis

Team Gatzke

Team GSP

Team Maurer

Team Proctor

Team Ralph

Team Silence

Team White

The 1845 Guys

Progress Better the World through Better Men


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